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Ancient Apocalypse S01 (2022)

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What if everything we know about prehistoric humans is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archaeological sites around the world to uncover whether a civilization far more advanced than we ever believed possible existed thousands of years ago.

1. Once There Was a Flood

Graham visits Gunung Padang, an Indonesian archeological site, to find proof of a lost civilization — and the potential cataclysm that wiped it out.

2. Stranger in a Time of Chaos

In Cholula, Mexico's oldest continuously-inhabited city, the journalist inspects the world's largest pyramid for signs of a forgotten past.

3. Sirius Rising

Graham discovers a fascinating pattern that may connect the spectacular megalithic temples of Malta, which he believes to be much older than reported.

4. Ghosts of a Drowned World

Few scholars have investigated the Bimini rock formation off the coast of Miami, once fabled to be the road to Atlantis — but Graham dives right in.

5. Legacy of the Sages

At Göbekli Tepe, the oldest known megalith in the world, Graham questions if simple hunter-gatherers alone could have built such an advanced structure.

6. America's Lost Civilization

Graham visits ancient mounds in North America and wonders if they contain astronomical significance — or even warnings of an apocalyptic climate event.

7. A Fatal Winter

The author returns to Turkey to explore Derinkuyu, an ancient underground city and survival bunker that could shelter thousands in times of crisis.

8. Cataclysm and Rebirth

In the ancient geological sites of North America, Graham envisions an apocalyptic event that may have changed the Earth — and its inhabitants — forever.


Graham on Netflix?! We're on the rise!
Thanks bro!

Yes, it is surprising, but it also reminds me of the old cable network channel TLC (The Learning Channel), before it became devoted to trashy reality TV shows, and how Graham Hancock had a 3 part series on there called 'Quest For The Lost Civilization'. He has been at this subject for decades. That original show was one of my first exposures to "alternative history" or alternative media over 20 years ago. I even got the VHS tapes out from my local library and recorded them!

This series is really good, about 4 hours worth of 30 minute programs. I noticed Hancock was just on the Joe Rogan Experience to promote this yesterday...