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A difficult video to snag

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A difficult video to snag

Ok, I've got one. It's sitting behind an authenticated web page, and it's just a page that has a Vimeo embed player in it. Looks like some HLS shit, all that you can find in the HTML is this URL-which-isn't-really-a-URL:


I tried YouTube-dl / yt-dlp and of course neither are going to work because how are they going to authenticate into the page?

What's the next steps, do I have to figure out what the session cookie is & get that into one of these scripts, or... what is the reverse engineering technology here. Do I really HAVE to !@#$ing screen record this*?

*this == recording of Steven Greer's last webinar, of which I have limited time remaining to view…

Sorry: This Video Does Not Exist

Is this 'The Lost Century' webinar Greer is doing for their new documentary? I didn't know one could attend virtually - it was probably mentioned in emails I get, but I didn't notice it. Unfortunately, I get the error that the video does not exist, from that link. So I am not sure what to do with that one at all!

Use Firefox and “Stream Detector” plugin

It will give you an exact yt-dlp command line to paste.


You just need —referer or whatever his web page is, that’s the only authentication Vimeo need


see if you can get the URL of the Vimeo _iframe_

then do
yt-dlp --referer

I admit defeat.

Having had a closer look, I think this is something yt-dlp doesn't handle.

You could hand it over to the developers to have a look.

So yes, one to screen record :)

@Zoopenhoff - I admitted that

@Zoopenhoff - I admitted that before getting as far as you had, that thing is authenticating before you open the page, the script isn't going to get anywhere. Then when you're looking at the webpage there's no URLs, just that blob: ref that has a fake URL inside of it. That's just some token they use to find things in their database. Don't know if the video stream itself is encrypted. Probably. Anyway…

There's this, then, it should *not* go here on Concen (don't do it pls), and probably should go not far at all beyond the few people reading this - movie will be out in a bit with proper editing anyway, then we can properly torrent it from (other) sites…


Thanks for sharing here. It's trying to load, it's spinning a lot, but that could be just high traffick on your site or something. I have it already myself anyways, but other select members here may find it interesting. I was kind of skeptical about uploading it here as well...

so like

what's the video about?

I can't relate anything Greer says to anything I can concretely confirm in my own reality, so.

The Lost Century

According to the research of Greer and others, there has been a secret history of alternative energy technologies that have been ruthlessly suppressed to keep mainstream gas, oil, nuclear and the electrical grid in domination. He gave a presentation recently that will be part of a new documentary detailing many of the inventors, their technologies and what happened to them...

I don't suppose

he demonstrated any of these technologies.

Kind of...

He talked about some of the theoretics behind the technologies and how most of them need to be explained under a kind of new paradigm of science, he didn't go too far into the science, but did detail the specific technology and how they operated, and how in most cases the inventors took their inventions to their graves, because much of their knowledge they kept secret and nobody, then, duplicated their work. He knows of 4 recent instances of these inventors and technologies, who are currently still working and alive, and he is apparently in contact with them and trying to get them to "open source" their work and more or less live stream it to the whole world, so it doesn't get suppressed etc.

a new kind of science?

Did he demonstrate any of the principles of this new science?

Not in the presentation...

Much of Greer's much earlier work with The Disclosure Project showcases many scientists in full videotaped interviews, particularly Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, and their work in this field, who have many published works about so-called "free energy" etc, and they talk about their theories and how many of these new energy technologies may appear to "violate" the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, because they can only be explained in new theories of science that are different to what is taught in academia.

Greer is talking nonsense

I successfully downloaded many videos from Vimeo with

Can confirm

Greer is the real deal wrt over unity tech. 2nd law of thermodynamics is a blind, just like they removed the 2nd tensor from Maxwells equations... as a blind. Jury's still out on CE-5 and channeling ET to come land tho… But Greer isn't unique there, there's James Gilliand and his ECETI ranch in Washington. No Vedic meditation necessary it's just a nightly light show, so they say... Will post a write up when we do a vacation there, maybe next summer..


so can you demonstrate this working?

Yes, but don't want to waste time

How I did it in the past: created bootable Puppy linux distro on USB, installed full version of companion app on Puppy without paying fee, installed addon to browser, snatched those HLS file pieces. You simply need to trust me, otherwise, find better solutions. I will use it when I need it.


From what I understand, Greer and company want to get demonstrations of these technologies working on film for their upcoming documentary 'The Lost Century'. We'll see how it goes. I do remember there was a demonstration of alternative energy technology working in the film 'Thrive 2', that is on ConCen somewhere. And I bet YouTube is full of different demos as well, but that's not my specialty really, so I don't know where to look for that stuff...

Sorry guys - re-uploaded

I didn't even realize the upload was blown - it's there now

thought this was a cute demonstration ... let's scale it up

Using Firefox or a Firefox

Using Firefox or a Firefox derivative, I hit control-I to see the info page, go to the media tab, and find the video link there


I am pretty sure the link: is a screen recording of a private Vimeo link that could not be downloaded, but this new link can be streamed and downloaded as well...

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