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Children of the Underground (2022)

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The series follows Faye Yager, who built a vast underground network that hid hundreds of mothers and children, saving them from the alleged abuse of husbands and fathers when a broken court system would not.

E01 · The Escape
Aug 12, 2022

Motivated by her daughter's tragedy, Faye Yager is a vigilante on a mission to protect sexually abused children when the justice system fails; Faye's work hiding families lands her in the crosshairs of law enforcement.

E02 · The Underground
Aug 12, 2022

As Faye's criminal trial begins, the origin story of the Underground is told and more of Faye's complexities are revealed; Christine, a former child of the Underground, looks back on her experience, and more details about Faye's past come to light.

E03 · Satanic Panic
Aug 12, 2022

Faye's trial continues; an examination of the "Satanic Panic" craze that swept America and how the effects rippled throughout Faye's Underground; Kaylee and Christine reflect on the allegations; Faye's trial reaches its dramatic conclusion.

E04 · The Reckoning
Aug 12, 2022

In the aftermath of the trial, Faye finds herself and her network on the defensive with a growing number of enemies and critics; April faces a trial of her own; a newspaper article leads to what could be Faye's biggest conflict yet.

E05 · The Bounty
Aug 12, 2022

Faye reckons with threats levied against her in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a multimillionaire father; the future of the Underground hangs in the balance; Kaylee and Christine look for answers about their abuse; Michelle and Mandy find closure.