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Coast to Coast - 2022-10-08 - Mark Alpert - Havana Syndrome

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Saturday - October 8 2022

Ian Punnett

Mark Alpert

Earlier this year, the CIA reported that it was still investigating two dozen cases of Havana Syndrome—debilitating seizures, dizziness and other symptoms suffered by American diplomats, first in Havana, later in China and Vienna—to determine whether they could've been caused by a new kind of weapon surreptitiously aimed at the embassy personnel. Science author Mark Alpert joined Ian Punnett to discuss how a panel of scientists chosen by U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that the most likely cause was a directed-energy weapon using pulsed electromagnetic radiation, most likely microwaves, in wavelengths which match the size of the human skull. Alpert also talked about issues related to climate change as featured in his latest thriller, The Doomsday Show.