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QAnon The Search for Q (VICE, 2021-2022) [1080p]

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Quite a good series on Q from VICE.

This is now available in a compact and bijou 720p x265, reduced from 7GB to 1.7GB and available here:

S1 EP1 - What is Q?
To understand what Q is & its popularity, hosts spend time with QAnon evangelists.

S1 EP2 - Who is Q?
Bayan and Marley are forced into the strange world of a notorious internet troll.

S1 EP3 - Why does Q exist?
Bayan & Marley examine Q's impact on American electorate as Q theories spread.

S2 EP1 - Killing Q
Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements explore what happened to QAnon since Jan. 6.

S2 EP2 - Conspirituality
Bayan & Marley follow partisan pastors preaching Q-inspired spiritual warfare

S2 EP3 - Insurgency
Marley & Bayan investigate the rise of militias and threats to local elections.

S2 EP4 - The Reckoning
Bayan & Marley go behind the scenes with a major player funding Stop the Steal.


which degree it is ? second degree of free masonry ? another project of masonic/CIA/Mossad/Rothshild/Soros/Albert Pike/Marx pupet masters, that confuse sheeps and get them addicted on HOPIUM (like there is hope, mysterious saviour will save the world), alien agenda from last decades is not working anymore on sheeps in a time of great reset ?

Just look at who funds Vice. I don't think they're even bothering to hide it any more.

where is it to see, who is funding VICE ?