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What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease is Wrong (2019)

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1. A Prescription for Illness: Dying to be Healthy
2. Vaccinations: Ineffective and Dangerous
3. The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy
4. ‘Infectious’ Diseases: Dispelling the Myths
5. Animals & Diseases: More Medical Myths
6. Poisoning The Planet: Science Gone Awry
7. ‘Non-Infectious’ Diseases: More Medical Misconceptions
8. Global Issues: The Wider Perspective
9. Vested Interests & The Agenda for Control
10. The Real Nature and Causes of Illness
In Conclusion: How To Be Naturally Healthy

includes fully searchable PDF 3.8MB - 907pages
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I have been to a naturopathic doctor before - and he was great! The only problem was the $700 bill for the visit and all of the supplements... Otherwise I would totally recommend people go natural. In fact, you can mostly just Google your illness or symptoms and go to a health food store and just be your own doctor. Unless it is very serious, then you might need allopathic care.

p.s. Are these types of audiobooks (auto-read) allowed here? I am not sure...

Jesus, I hope its allowed here, any way this voice it good quality, I have tried some best text to speech converters and they do not have this quality. This is commercial version of audio book

Nice, that's a good idea to use them on ebooks. What program did you use? Was it NaturalReader?

I have tried best of TTS ( text to speech ) online services and they all sounds horrible, this one is bought from commercial site, where they offer this audio book read with I dont know what software (and it doesnt sound like any of what I tried ). Of course to get it from online commercial site, where there is no download button is a bit tricky but it goes.


Muggle doctors made me ill.
Naturopathy, homeopathy, chinese medicine, orthomolecular medicine.
These made me well.

"white coats" never seem to stop "practicing" and never truly master wellness in their hack, poison and burn prescriptions. Amazing these used car salesmen charging people huge amounts without any guarantee of wellness for their "practices" without any mastery didn't go out of business 50 years ago. Will these criminals be out of business within the next 10-20 years, finally?

they live in symbiosis with a state, state needs you killed by them, if you get too old and there is a risk you will suck back some money. Toxical medication will guarantee, there are not so much old seniors. Also bullshit about germs ( and viruses especially is cover for a lot of industry/state problems - DDT/polio - mad cow disease / state feeding policy. Viruses are here to help always when there is some industrial pollution problem/chemical side effects/state regulation that got wrong. And these brainwashed white coats idiots are here to help, when its necessary to kill some stock. With coming artificial intelligence, stocks full of useless eaters, they will have a lot to do.

When you have no education worth mention you fall for easily disproven nonsense like this... it usually takes religion to get this far into pure ignorance.