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Double Your Dating - David DeAngelo Compilation

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This is old, but great content worth preserving, a re-seed of a 6 year-old torrent.

Not conspiracy stuff, of course - but related in a way in that there really is a deliberate move by many forces to separate men and women. This is a step in the right direction in putting that right.

I studied this stuff when it was new (2002-2009) and I can honestly say it change my life. It will take you from having no success with women, to above average success, if you apply it. There are certainly other sources which can help you have ridiculous success if you want it, but this is very applicable, very thorough and very well presented. It's the best place to start.

There is really no excuse for someone to be an "involuntary celibate", or head down the MGTOW or MRM rabbitholes which really are emotional black holes for people with no hope. This is a much better option.

Here's a bit more information from the official website (which gives you an idea of the content but not of the style of the torrent - the products are much more sophisticated than the sales copy)

and here is a list of products - most of which are in this torrent.

I plan to improve this torrent by adding some missing items, re-organising and re-naming the files and folders into a more sensible structure and order, and re-encoding to a smaller size. With that in mind, if anyone has better quality editions of any of these files please message me.

There is a single seed who shows up a few times a day :) hopefully the whole 64GB will come down the pipe eventually.


I could Google it, but what does MGTOW and MRM mean? I am very curious, interesting subject!

It means "Men Going Their Own Way" and "Mens Rights Movement".

There are legitimate grievances behind both, of course. It's somewhat true that laws in many western countries favour women in divorces and child custody issues.

This is a good doc on that, highly recommended.

There is also a deliberate move to dilute sexuality. In China men and women have previously been encouraged to dress and style their hair the same. It's mentioned in Ralph Epperson's New World Order "the difference between the sexes will be eliminated".

There's also this chemical poisoning from BPA and other things:

However I don't think any of these are reasons to hate women, or avoid them. Women are lovely, and learning to talk to them is a skill that any man can learn. I did - the MMR jab left me high-functioning autistic, and unable to properly bond with women. David DeAngelo among other sources really helped that, I didn't lose my virginity until I was 22 but having found this and similar stuff spent my 20s and 30s making up for lost time. No regrets.

Can anyone reseed this?