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RT Cross Talk first half September 2022

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Four more episodes following the first entry in early September following a hiatus lasting over a month.

NATO's War on Russia
German Question

While the unelected European Commission under the unelected Nazi Eurocrat von der Leyen condemn Hungary for being "half of a democracy," Russia is planning on stepping up its war on Ukraine while taking new-found markets for oil and natural gas to the bank. Lots of talk about a new, multipolar world order with India and China now in detente, developing nations in Africa, Latin American states sceptical of US hegemony and a new order in Central and SE Asia, not to mention Iran, South Africa and apparently now Argentina.

Is Biden's payola kickback war in the Ukraine more than that? Is NATO warring on Russia? If Russia thinks so, there are "unintended consequences" in the works, however you parse that nonsense phrase.

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