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Coast to Coast - 2022-09-07 - Douglas Rushkoff - Billionaire Survivalism

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Wednesday - September 7 2022

George Noory

Douglas Rushkoff

Billionaire Survivalism

In the first half, Douglas Rushkoff, an authority on the intersection of technology and culture, discussed the societal catastrophe that tech billionaires believe is coming and their Silicon Valley–style mindset that they can break the laws of physics, economics, and morality to escape a disaster. He detailed how five billionaires hired him to give them advice on their apocalypse bunkers. Among the questions they asked him were: Which location is better for their bunker, Alaska or New Zealand? and "How should I maintain control of my security force after my money is worthless?" The glee with which these men were discussing apocalyptic scenarios and how they could be insulated from them indicated they cared little beyond themselves, he commented.

"They really think they can earn more money to protect themselves from the harm that they're spreading elsewhere. It's like they can build a car that drives fast enough to escape from its own exhaust," Rushkoff continued. If they treated the populace well, they could be using their technology and all of their brilliance to make the world a place they wouldn't need to escape from, he added. Beyond bunkers, some of the billionaires are interested in the idea of "seasteading," forming a city-like structure in the ocean, while others are considering escaping in rockets or into virtual realms where their brains are uploaded into silicon wafers. Technocrats are accustomed to running their businesses with "exit strategies," leaving someone else holding the bag, "so, of course, they're going to think about the world as one big exit strategy," Rushkoff concluded.


Thanks. You are Magnificent

You're welcome. This was a really good interview and subject. I am glad I caught the 2am repeat and checked out Rushkoff's new book!

Thanks also for the book

Listening to the audiobook is definitely on my list, especially since it is read by Rushkoff himself. Love it when the authors read their books.


This kind of info makes it seem much less likely these people are in a satanic cult lol

It's just a shame I am not even close to being as prepared as they all seem to be. I should at least have 1 month of storable food and water on hand...

Just buy a couple more tins each week than you use.

You can get these awesome racks where you put a tin at the top and it rolls down to the front.

Bags of rice, etc.

I also noticed this question coming up on this C2C show and George Noory mentioned his sponsor 'My Patriot Supply', which seems to specialize in emergency preparedness food and other items, but as far as I know might only ship to US citizens:

These are amazing. I don't really have room for them, so as a result we have to sort through the cans occasionally and make sure we eat them before they go off.

but with these you can build up a collection of cans over time