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Bob Lazar

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Bob Lazar

There is oddly very little of Bob Lazar on Concen. Shame…

Old site

If you use the Search Entire Site function, you get a decent amount of his stuff pop up, but they are all older torrents and may not be seeded any longer...

But the 2018 documentary about him is definitely here!


His hydrogen-powered car seems legit.

However, there is zero evidence for anything else Bob says.

Note that not a single one of these supposed first-hand eye-witness accounts corroborates with any other.

One has a base in the antarctic, one has secret portals to mars. Bob has other nonsense.

Whereas if you look at the whisperings about real things, more than one source talks about the same thing.

I'm going out on a limb here

I'm going out on a limb here but I know a person who claims to have worked with Bob Lazar, and the one we see here is not even the same person (by at least 150lbs - so I was told). Take that with as much salt as required.

I also note that I was looking for more media on YouTube, found the Las Vegas news channel, they had an interview with someone who "confirmed everything that Bob Lazar says" in an interview from his home. Which was littered with all manner of esoteric baubles that you would expect from the home of a real Mystery Schooler / Freemason. Those spooky little masons, they keep coming up… (Ancient Aliens - I've got your number...)

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