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The Anarchists - HBO (2022) [1080p]

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Archiving this for a couple of my friends who are in it.

In 2015, Jeff Berwick, a Canadian entrepreneur-turned-provocateur, launched a conference in Acapulco, Mexico in hopes of promoting anarchy in its purest form – an ideal espousing the absence of government with absolute individual self-rule. The event, called “Anarchapulco,” draws an international array of libertarians, fugitives, and families seeking to “unschool” their children to protect them from the bureaucracies of modern life, as well as crypto-currency evangelists and others attracted to the idea of creating a stateless community, free from governments and central banking systems.

Unfolding over six years, The Anarchists, a six-part documentary series, chronicles a strange and deadly series of events. What begins as an impulsive one-off gathering turns into an ever-growing annual event attracting sponsorship from crypto-currency companies and featuring speakers such as Ron Paul and BitCoin investor Roger Ver. And when rule-avoidant freedom activists come together in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, utopian ideology collides with the unpredictability of human nature. Relationships are fractured, rivalries are forged and, ultimately, lives are lost.

With intimate access to the main players, The Anarchists features candid, first-hand accounts from Berwick, the reluctant figurehead of the movement; anarchy activists Lisa and Nathan Freeman who left the United States with their children to find a freer life in Mexico; and John Galton and Lily Forester, American fugitives on the run from drug charges, among others.


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Episode One
Unfolding over six years, this six-part docuseries chronicles an anarchy movement that led to a strange and deadly series of events.

Episode Two: Forking Freedom
A crypto boom creates instant millionaires – and deep fissures – within the anarchist community, throwing their mission into question.

Episode Three: Currency
Mounting conflicts within the Anarchapulco community escalate to potentially dangerous levels.

Episode Four: Living Without the Law
A shocking murder makes international headlines, leaving the community wondering if the perpetrator was one of their own.

Episode Five: Damage
As the sixth Anarchapulco gets underway, the community reels from accusations of a fraudulent crypto scheme – and another shocking death.

Episode Six: Leaving
As their dream of an anarchist paradise crumbles, the Anarchapulco community begins to question the viability of their principles.


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