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The Trap: What It Is, How It Works, and How We Escape Its Illusions (2022)

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David Icke has been writing books for decades warning that current events were coming. He has faced ridicule and abuse for saying that the end of human freedom was being planned, how, and by whom.

His latest highly topical book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind (The Trap), is published in very different circumstances with vast numbers of people acknowledging that he has been vindicated by the happenings of the 'Covid' era.

His predictions over more than 30 years have been proved stunningly accurate since the turn of 2020 often down to the fine detail.

Icke set out only in January 2021, to write a book to quickly bring enormous numbers of people worldwide up to speed and who can now see that something very strange is happening. But they ask, what exactly? What is going on? He answers those questions in his usual dot-connected detail and lays out the background to what he calls the 'Global Cult' which operates across borders to advance a long-planned agenda for total human control.

Those who read his section on 'Covid' will view events of 2020 and 2021 in a totally new light as he produces the evidence that humanity has been misled on a scale that defies belief.

David Icke's time has come, and Perceptions of a Renegade Mind (The Trap) is destined to be an international best seller that could not have been published at a more important and relevant time or with such a now receptive audience to what he has to say.


All of the write ups for The Trap are basically the same on Google searches, but they all reference "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind", which perhaps was the original title of the book(?).


I think you would have found it sooner or later, as I think you are a member there, but it was just posted today or yesterday.