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Battleground Melbourne (2022) [4K/2160p 5GB]

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I had a quick search and I believe this is the first 4K/2160p material to be uploaded to Concen. It's a great documentary which has won multiple awards at film festivals.

"It took just two years for Melbourne, Australia, to fall from The World’s ‘Most Liveable’ to ‘Most Locked-down’ city.
The ‘Covid Era’ in Melbourne brought with it previously unthinkable levels of civil unrest and government repression as draconian and damaging lockdowns and human rights abuses sparked protests around Australia and throughout the world and scenes reminiscent of the USSR or CCP went viral."

You can watch it on YouTube if you prefer:


Called bs from day 1 on this plandemic. We are dealing with pedo psychopaths that must killed. I call for the public extermination of every single member of the WEF and UN and everyone associated with these criminal agencies. They must be scared to death to exist and killed on sight anywhere anytime. That is the only way to return to a peaceful, harmonious, free being for all.