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Dr. Delirium and The Edgewood Experiments (2022)

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From 1955 to 1975, the US Army used its own soldiers as human guinea pigs in research involving powerful, mind-altering drugs. Told through exclusive footage and first-hand accounts, this is the true story of one of the darkest chapters in US history.


That was no-thing... I could list by memory several other much worst "chapters" of US history.

I think the vague description was hinting at the Nazi participation in MK-Ultra that was happening in America at the time. They didn't want spoilers in the description maybe. Certainly there have been many U.S. atrocities, but Operation Paperclip and MK-Ultra were among the oldest and possibly worst.

Imagine what "they" do today? Satellite-based directed energy weapons, beaming Targeted Individuals and large segments of the population with negative frequencies? That's just a guess!