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Req - Endall Beall

Is anybody able to post any books by Endall Beall. He has authored over 60 books dealing with consciousness in four categories:

1) The Evolution of Consciousness
A Philosophy for the Average Man
Willful Evolution
Demystifying the Mystical
Navigating into the Second Cognition
The Energy Experience
We Are Not Alone - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Advanced Teachings for the Second Cognition

2) The Second Cognition
The New Paradigm Transcripts: Teachings for a New Tomorrow
Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Understanding the Path to the Second Cognition
Psoyca: Road to the Second Cognition
The Energetic War Against Humanity: The 6,000 year War Against Human Cognitive Advancement
The Cognitive Illusion of History: How Humanity has been Controlled through Selective and Biased Historical Reporting
The Second Cognition Toolbox: Requirements for Advancing Your Consciousness
Firestarters: The Gemma and Endall Transcripts
No Trespassing: Transcending the Psychology of the Gods
Psoyca Consciousness

3) Beyond Second Cognition
Gutting Mysticism: Explaining the Roots of All Supernatural Beliefs
Religion, the Goddess and the Mind Virus of Heaven: The Deception of Holiness in Human Belief Systems
Introduction to the Multiverse: The Layman's Guide to the Cosmos
Facing the Truth: Conspiracy or Plan? 100 Years of Subversive Psychological Warfare Against America
The No Rules Multiverse: The Endeavor to Repair a Faulty Creation
Into the Hinterlands: Beyond Second Cognition
Mission Earth: Advanced Messages for Psoyca Ground Crew
Voodoo Reality: The Strangeness of Creation
The Flesh Robot: The Truth About the Human Computer
The Flesh Robot - Part 2: Explaining the Nature of the Cosmos and How it is Changing

4) Into the Hinterlands
The New Great Awakening: What People Think it Means and What it Actually Portends
End Times or a New Beginning?: Humanity's Moment to Evolve
True Enlightenment:: How Humanity has Gotten it Wrong
From Dark to Light: A Voice in the Wilderness
The Actuality: The Process of Life
Wisdom, Freedom & Consciousness

There are also several companion books, some which are free.
Clarifying the Don Juan Teachings for the Second Cognition
Beyond Don Juan: The Third Attention - The Second Cognition

Hm, interesting sounding

Hm, interesting sounding books. Sorry, I could not find any of it on the sites I use.


Endall Beall?
Would that be a homophonic play on words like
Alice Well, Justin Case, and Robin Banks
And the famous Simpson's Transgender person: Amanda B. Reckondwith

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