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Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive - Episodes 1 to 9 + Bonus

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Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive - Episodes 1 to 9 + Bonus
Another informative docuseries from Jonathan Otto, screened free from June 1st, 2022.
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Episode 1 Unbreakable Truth: Hidden COVID Facts They've Tried to Bury

Episode 2 Unbreakable Healing: Reverse Vaxx Injuries at a Cellular Level

Episode 3 Unbreakable Survival: Understanding Modern Bioweapons

Episode 4 Unbreakable Health: Nutrition that Bulletproofs Your Health

Episode 5 Unbreakable Immunity: Proven Protocols to Strengthen Your Immune System

Episode 6 Unbreakable Breakthrough: Effective Treatments to Overcome Vaxx Injuries

Episode 7 Unbreakable Progress: Emerging Medical Practices That Work

Episode 8 Unbreakable Support: Building A Healing Community

Episode 9 Unbreakable Freedom: Winning the Fight for Medical Freedom


Bonus Episode 1 Venomous: The Missing Link to Understanding COVID?

Bonus Episode 2 Conquered: Overcoming the Effects of COVID Jabs

Bonus Episode 3 Weaponized: How Governments Create Biological Weapons

Bonus Episode 4 Invincible: Optimizing Your Health Through Nutrition

Bonus Episode 5 Fortified: Natural Ways to Boost Natural Immunity

Bonus Episode 6 Recovery: The Journey to Heal from Vaxx Injuries

Bonus Episode 7 Effective: Tried-and-True Treatments that REALLY Work

Bonus Episode 8 Together: Healing from Vaxx Injuries as a Community

Bonus Episode 9 Liberty: Overcoming Oppressive Government Mandates