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Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain (1993)

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The IMDB describes this as "A trippy, artistic romp through Timothy Leary's philosophy of the early 1990s. Leary and his video team condensed their public lecture tour into this stimulating self-examination course for home viewing. Colorful flashing images barrage the senses as Leary narrates topics like Socrates, how to surf the waves of chaos, and the power of the pupil; all while encouraging us to think for ourselves and question authority. Only 30 minutes, but seems like an hour"

I would add that the sound, imagery and language are designed to induce a suggestive state in your brain. The idea is to relax and immerse yourself in it. Watch it on a big screen, with speakers or headphones, dim the lights, sit through it in one sitting. This may be difficult - it's intense. Any part of you that does not want to be free with resist, and create excuses in your mind to get up and switch it off, along with rationalisations for doing so.

I watched this in 2007 and it was transformative. I believe it disconnected me from the matrix, basically.


The main file here is from Dailymotion - allegedly a 1080p file but unlikely since it's from VHS.

The rest is from a Russian torrent, including a second, similar recording that is less intense and seems to be simply similar work by the artist who created the video, without as much input from Timothy Leary.

Here's the description from the Russian torrent where this copy was found - this is the best known copy available.

Description: In 1992-1993, Timothy Leary and Genesis P-Orridge created a series of multimedia (audiovisual) lectures/performances called "How to Operate Your Brain" ("How to Operate Your Brain"). A video version of these performances was made in 1993-1994, with the help of multimedia artists from the RetinaLogic collective - Chris Graves, Joey Cavella, and Camella Grace. The video is a half-hour "brain-revealing" hyperdelic-cut, against which Tim Leary "sets the good". All this is accompanied by an acid soundtrack (I don't know who wrote it, but I suspect P-Orridge). I think it's a good idea to watch this video before use to set up the set and setting.


I have my seedbox set to share to a ratio of 200% and then drop to 5kbps... I've changed it to 800% but still guys, come on.

If you can configure your browser to translate Russian to English, I think this Russian music/video tracker has open registration. At least it did over a decade ago. It is excellent for lossless music albums and archives, many of which are also available in 320kbps .mp3 format. Especially good for independent music or more obscure types of music that you won't find elsewhere, except maybe on the peer to peer program Soulseek.

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