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Justin Trudeau is Castro's Bastard Son. (and Elon is Satoshi)

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Justin Trudeau is Castro's Bastard Son. (and Elon is Satoshi)

I find this completely convincing:

I nearly mentioned this in the Ukraine thread - I'm more concerned about the rise of totalitarianism in Canada, under Castro's bastard than I am about Ukraine. I figured Putin would probably move into Donetsk and Luhansk, but it will end there if NATO don't escalate, which they won't. Far more concerning is that western leaders haven't condemned Trudeau invoking the emergency act.

and also in another vein:


Apparently, according to Trudeau himself and what was published in the news today, the Prime Minister has stopped the Emergencies Act he had initiated over 10 days ago. He feels the police have enough power now to deal with the remainder of the protests. So I assume that means all of the bank-freezing issues are now over, but I am not entirely sure...

He's already destroyed Canada banking's reputation.

No-one will trust Canadian banks at least until he's out of office, and nor should they.

My hope is that he fully over-cooked it and has shown the world what they need to stand up to.

Legal challenges will continue. Apparently he cancelled the emergencies act because he thought it wouldn't pass the senate.

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