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Peak States of Consciousness ISPS - Techniques and Processes

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Tested and UNTESTED processes and treatments available to Institute of Peak States Staff and Practitioners. To understand this material YOU NEED TO READ FIRST the publicly available books, Peak states of Consciousness vol 1 and 2, Whole hearted healing workbook and manual

this is the PDF manual only, all audios, videos can be found here:

(there is another pdf in the rar file, password: licensed)

This is VERY POWERFUL AND VERY DANGEROUS MATERIAL. With the untested material and some of the obsolete or untested material in the forum, some people have DIED or BEEN seriously injured. The tested material like Inner Peace Process and Silent Mind are safe but still bring up difficult and strong emotions.

People with heart conditions and a history of suicide SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THESE PROCESSES.

I share it here FOR YOUR OWN USE should you be willing to TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR ACTIONS.

I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE YOU WILL MAKE OF THIS MATERIAL, I GIVE IT AWAY FOR INFORMATION FREEDOM that is SO much needed at this time. This material can change human history, not an overstatement at all

I urge you of course to err on the side of caution and to use it for yourselves, and if you have the will and propensity, use this material to try and make advancements, although I repeat that would be very dangerous.

I urge you not to sell or use it for financial gain you know what will certainly happen in that case, word gets around fast and so can lawsuits for unlicensed use or damages if something bad should happen to other people.

So why do I share it? They have been sent anonymously with this note:
" I don't believe anymore in the non-disclosure I signed, secrets are a thing of the past, and all information on Gaia is and should be freely available to those who want it, there should be no secrets in Gaia....especially in these times we need more people with peak states and able to advance quickly and bring more light to the world. Furthermore, this can spark independent study and advancements the institute won't be able to do by itself and that humanity needs at this time"

If any of you work with this material and make breakthroughs do share it in the forum

Not exclusive but DO NOT share without the disclaimers above


Thank you for for this material however I'm unable to find Peak states of Consciousness vol 1 as you mentioned it is a publicly available book. Thank you!

found one however not great quality.

The was flagged as a dangerous website by my antivirus... what are the chances that anyone here could instead upload those files in here non RAR? as rar is a great way to add unwanted staff.

I downloaded from there, scanned it with my eset internet security and all was good.

Could you please tell me the title of those files, so perhaps I can get them from another source? Has anyone tried any of the content yet?