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SCA Corona Investigative Committee - Grand Jury Day 1, English

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In the absence of a properly functioning legal system anywhere in the world, it was
thought necessary to create an alternate system. There was no future in trying to indict
the corona virus plandemic crime co-conspirators via a legacy grand jury.

So the case will be made to a grand jury of you the people. This video is day 1, the
opening statements. There are no actors. The judge is a fearless Portuguese real judge.
The lawyers are real lawyers, from Germany, the US, India, South Africa and elsewhere.
The witnesses and experts offer real testimony.

For more information and updates, go to .

Technical notes:
This video will be found, at first, only here. Varying sound synchronisation is
corrected. The unavoidable glitches and delays of a live presentation have mostly
been removed. So this an "unofficial" version. There are three bits cut from
the source file: 0h.0m.41s--0h1m50s _ 0h.9m.30s--0h.9m.38s _ 0h.37m.56s--0h.38m.14s
These timings refer to the source, NOT to the derived .mp4 file in this torrent.

If you worry that something significant might have been cut, go stream
or download an official version at or archive,org .

AVC 1920x1080 AAC 317 kbps - 84 minutes, including almost a minute of
still frame at the end.


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