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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2021.11.11)

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On today’s episode of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, Tucker highlights inflation hitting a 31-year high under President Biden. Plus, journalist on Rittenhouse trial testimony.



For a long time I've been wanting to thank you for uploading the Tucker Carlson videos, but my password didn't work and I just now got around to fixing it.

I very much appreciate your efforts, not only to post, but for taking the time to edit out the commercials and other nonpertinant content. Having been an audiobook narrator and editor, I know how time-consuming that can be.

Also, thank you for posting the Patriot Purge series. I've been wanting that and had signed up for a free 90-day veterans option, but they required a credit card number for the "free" access, so I declined.

Thanks again.

I appreciate that you appreciate my work, but I have a confession to make. I don't edit out the commercials; it's done by Fox News. I get the shows from their site, using a script. The whole process is automated, including the upload to ConCen.

It took quite a bit of tweaking to get it right, and it uses some tricks to snatch the video which for most people would be blocked, but other than that, it's computerized. I only step in when it fails, which is infrequent but it still happens.