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Hostage to The Devil (2016)

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Director Martin Stalker examines age-old questions about the existence of the Devil and the debate over good versus evil, through the life of controversial Irish-born Jesuit priest, Father Malachi Martin. The film explores this horrifying ordeal in graphic detail, including Martin's final case before his mysterious death. A child possessed. An exorcist locked in combat with an ancient evil.


I note that the .torrent file for this upload is currently unavailable, perhaps due to whatever caused the recent server outage, or as the result thereof. I have informed ConCen, who upped this video, in hopes that the problem can be corrected.

I'll also note that a few years before his death, Father Martin did a series of interviews with Art Bell, who at the time was hosting the Coast to Coast AM radio show. Though my primary archive is presently inaccessible due to a drive failure, I think I may be able to scrape together from another drive and upload that collection, along with a number of the books written by Father Martin (one bearing the title Hostage to the Devil), which are mostly about problems he found within the Catholic Church and the fears he had for its future.

If anyone is interested in these materials, please let me know. If I see enough interest, I'll see if I can overcome my lethargy and remember what's involved in putting together and posting a torrent package.

Try the magnet link:

Yes, I was able to connect to the torrent via the magnet links. Thanks. Is there no way to restore access to the .torrent file?

Yes, I just tried this particular torrent download and it is still not working properly. It's probably a good documentary, and that magnet link below works.

I am also interested, 1martian, in a torrent pack of Malachi's books and Art Bell interviews. Those C2C shows are classics. I am not sure how many he did, but there are at least 3 or more. If you need any advice on making a torrent for ConCen, message me here.

Would very much like to see the files you have. In my opinion, this video is well worth a look.

I also have a ton on MM stuff, but this I only had on pdf