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Stuxnet to Sunburst: 20 Years of Digital Exploitation and Cyber Warfare (2022)

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Stuxnet to Sunburst: 20 Years of Digital Exploitation and Cyberwarfare takes the reader on a journey from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 onwards and the massive insatiable appetite, focus and investment by the Five Eyes agencies, in particular the U.S., to build capability of digital eavesdropping and industrial espionage. With tens of trillions of dollars moving throughout hundreds of thousands of staff, and many contractors draining the country of intelligence and technical capability, the quest was simple and the outcome horrifying. No one in the world has connected the dots, until now.

From digital eavesdropping and manipulation of the agencies to Stuxnet, this book covers how the world's first use of digital code and digital certificates for offensive purposes against the Iranians and their nuclear power facilities, caused collateral damage. Proceeding to today's SolarWinds attack, code-named Sunburst, the same methods of exploitation and manipulation originally used by the agencies are now being used against companies and governments with devastating effects. The SolarWinds breach has caused knock-on breaches to thousands of client companies including the U.S. government and is estimated to cost more than one trillion dollars. The monster has truly been turned against its creator and due to the lack of security and defence, breaches are occurring daily at an alarming rate. The U.S. and UK governments have little to no answer. The book also contains a chapter on breaches within the COVID-19 sector from research to immunisation and the devastating December 2020 breach of SolarWinds.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Worldwide Explosion of Personal Computers and the Afterthought that is Security
  2. 9/11 and the Creation of Mass Data Collection in the Name of Security. . .
  3. PRISM, Project Aurora and Early Digital Offensive Capability
  4. Stuxnet and Zero Days
  5. Hush Puppies, Flying Pigs, Growing Tensions, and Easter Eggs
  6. Root Cause Analysis, Aston Martins and Concorde
  7. The Office of Personnel Management and Equifax Breaches
  8. Marriot and Cyber Insurance: A Fragile Prop
  9. From Boom to Bust, or from $3 Billion Flotation to $1 Sale in 18 Months
  10. Did Someone Say Critical National Infrastructure and Nuclear Power
  11. Cyberattack Fatigue
  12. Not Secure, the Vatican and Healthcare
  13. Australia’s Frustration with China and Assisting the FBI
  14. Blackbaud and Third-Party Trust
  15. Stuxnet to Sunburst
  16. AVSVMCLOUD.COM (SolarWinds Attack) the Modus Operandi for Attacks Since Stuxnet
  17. TAO, QUANTUM INSERT and Own Goals
  18. Covid-19 Breaches
  19. Should We be Concerned or Worried? Our Government and Agencies Have Got This
  20. Making Matters Worse (IoT and 5G)
  21. NSA Obsolete TLS Protocols
  22. What Does the Future Hold? By Asking Better Questions, We Will Get Better Answers and Take Better Action