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No Safe Spaces: You Have the Right to Remain Silent (2019)

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The First Amendment and the very idea of free speech are under attack in America today. A growing number of Americans don't believe you have the right to speak your mind if what you have to say might offend someone, somewhere. They advocate for "safe spaces" in which people won't be offended by ideas they may find troubling. But is that what America is about?

In No Safe Spaces comedian and podcast king Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country, talking to experts and advocates on the left and right, tour college campuses, and examine their own upbringings to try to understand what is happening in America today and what free speech in this country should look (and sound) like.

An excellent film, the best I've seen on the subject of free speech. I especially like Dennis's line, 'They have to believe we are evil; otherwise they'd have to debate us.' Perfect.
- Cal Thomas, America's #1 syndicated columnist


When it came out anyway...the whole point is that one could have no means to shoot the messenger so it would not become a drama site like Youtube became so badly in the late '10s. You couldn't be LGBT, fat, ugly, strange looking, handicapped in any visible or mental way, a dorky nerd, you had to look like a random plain person that didn't talk about politics ever to be allowed to post there when I first heard of it back in 2018, so it could not cause any drama....