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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2021.07.02)

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On today’s episode of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, Tucker investigates the track record of Vice President Kamala Harris amid exodus of women from her own staff.


Tucker did not hold back on this episode. He let'em have it with both barrels. Tucker is a satiric genius. First, he totally dismantled the Biden Faux Presidency. Then he used the rest of the show to eviscerate Kamala's so-called performance in Washington and "at the border". He even dared to venture into the unmentionable realm of how Kamala Harris got her start in politics by serving as Willie Brown's "concubine"

Tucker described Kamala as having an "Enemies List." I suspect that Tucker now stands alone atop that list with this report.

Tucker had better increase his security detail and stay out of small planes

... bow tie wearing clown shoe days. He freely admits he had his head up his ass back then, and he often says he's still pretty ignorant about a lot. This is a rare thing among people in his line of work.