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Leaky Brain Summit (2020)

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01.LeakyBrainCausesAndCaseStudies.1of5.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 47m47s 426x240 AVC AAC
02.LeakyBrainCausesAndCaseStudies.2of5.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 36m32s 426x240 AVC AAC
03.LeakyBrainCausesAndCaseStudies.3of5.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 1h4m 426x240 AVC AAC
04.LeakyBrainCausesAndCaseStudies.4of5.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 39m28s 426x240 AVC AAC
05.LeakyBrainCausesAndCaseStudies.5of5.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 50m14s 426x240 AVC AAC
06.MasterYourMindsetToOptimizeBrainHealth.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 49m42s 426x240 AVC AAC
AminoAcidTherapyForMentalDisorders.RogerMurphree.2020.426x240.mp4 59m18s 426x240 AVC AAC
AnMDsPerspectiveOnGut-BrainDiseases.ParthaNandi.2020.426x240.mp4 1h7m 426x240 AVC AAC
AutoimmunityAndBrainDegeneration.TomOBryan.2020.426x240.mp4 1h6m 426x240 AVC AAC
BrainOnFire-IsItToxicMold.BridgitDanner.2020.426x240.mp4 46m58s 426x240 AVC AAC
BrainTraumaAndBrainDegeneration.BradGorski.2020.426x240.mp4 47m49s 426x240 AVC AAC
ConnectionBetweenEMFsAndLeakyBrain.LloydBurrell.2020.426x240.mp4 1h3m 426x240 AVC AAC
DrainingYourBrain.JayDavidson.2020.426x240.mp4 45m31s 426x240 AVC AAC
EmotionalCausesOfChronicIllnessAndDisease.PhaedraAntioco.2020.426x240.mp4 57m7s 426x240 AVC AAC
EssentialOilsForAnxietyAndDepression.EricZielinski.2020.426x240.mp4 48m32s 426x240 AVC AAC
HeartDiseaseAndLeakyBrain.JackWolfson.2020.426x240.mp4 45m48s 426x240 AVC AAC
HelpingChildrenAvoidMentalHealthDisorders.KatieKimball.2020.426x240.mp4 44m18s 426x240 AVC AAC
HiddenCausesOfNeurodegeneration.ChristineSchaffner.2020.426x240.mp4 55m31s 426x240 AVC AAC
HormesisCircadianRhythmAndLeakyBrain.AriWhitten.2020.426x240.mp4 52m29s 426x240 AVC AAC
HormonesHotMessOrMentalIllness.MichelleSands.2020.426x240.mp4 52m29s 426x240 AVC AAC
HowToxicMetalsAndEMFsCauseLeakyBrain.WendyMyers.2020.426x240.mp4 41m43s 426x240 AVC AAC
InvestigativeJournalistOnMentalHealth.JohnathanOtto.2020.426x240.mp4 55m6s 426x240 AVC AAC
LeakyComboGeneticFlawsAndHistamineRelease.JohnThomas.2020.426x240.mp4 44m14s 426x240 AVC AAC
LeveragingYourGeneticsToPreventAlzheimers.MichelleNorris.2020.426x240.mp4 48m25s 426x240 AVC AAC
MaximizeBrainHealthMinimizeLeakyBrain.GregEckel.2020.426x240.mp4 50m26s 426x240 AVC AAC
MentalFatigueAndMitochondriaConnection.ToddWatts.2020.426x240.mp4 52m35s 426x240 AVC AAC
MentalHealthMisdiagnosisTheLymeConnection.TorrieThompson.2020.426x240.mp4 45m26s 426x240 AVC AAC
SystemsApproachForMentalDisorders.RudyMueller.2020.426x240.mp4 58m16s 426x240 AVC AAC
TheBIGIdeaWithBrainDegeneration.PeterKan.2020.426x240.mp4 58m6s 426x240 AVC AAC
TheBloodSugarDementiaGateway.JohnDempster.2020.426x240.mp4 45m48s 426x240 AVC AAC
TheCytokineStormLeakyBrainConnection.BrentCaplan.TiffanyCaplan.2020.426x240.mp4 40m32s 426x240 AVC AAC
TheFoodLeakyBrainConnection.DavidJockers.2020.426x240.mp4 48m48s 426x240 AVC AAC
ThinkAndGrowYourBrain.SteveYoung.2020.426x240.mp4 54m8s 426x240 AVC AAC
ToxicFoodAndMentalHealthConnection.MariaEmmerich.2020.426x240.mp4 54m59s 426x240 AVC AAC
ToxicSkinAndMentalHealthConnection.BrianVaszily2020.426x240.mp4 54m31s 426x240 AVC AAC
ToxinsAndLeakyBrainSyndrome.EdwardFGroupIII.2020.426x240.mp4 48m58s 426x240 AVC AAC
ZZ.CompleteGuideToHealingLeakyBrain.RyanWohlfert.ElenaVillanueva.2020.426x240.mp4 42m51s 426x240 AVC AAC

Leaky Brain: Causes and Case Studies, Pt. 1

  • Environmental toxins and brain disorders
  • Case study: OCD and suicide ideation
  • Case study: Parkinson’s-like tremors

Leaky Brain: Causes and Case Studies, Pt. 2

  • Bacterial infections and psychological disorders
  • Case study: Panic attacks
  • Case study: Chronic depression and anxiety

Leaky Brain: Causes and Case Studies, Pt. 3

  • How toxic food and mold create brain inflammation
  • Link between leaky gut and leaky brain
  • Case study: Severe anxiety and tinnitus

Leaky Brain: Causes and Case Studies, Pt. 4

  • Parasites, Lyme disease and prescription drugs
  • Case study: Male with bipolar misdiagnosis
  • Strategies to use when medication doesn’t work

Leaky Brain: Causes and Case Studies, Pt. 5

  • Deep dive into genetic influences
  • Can you recover from mental illness?
  • Autoimmunity and mental disorders

Amino Acid Therapy for Mental Disorders

  • Common therapies that DON’T work
  • #1 strategy to heal brain fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Protocol for brain fog, anxiety and more

An MD's Perspective on Gut-Brain Diseases

  • Link between GI disorders and mental health
  • Paradigm shift necessary for healing
    Actionable steps for reversing leaky brain

Autoimmunity and Brain Degeneration

  • How your immune system can help or hinder brain health
  • Reverse Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia
  • At-home strategies to restore your brain

Brain on Fire: Is it Toxic Mold?

  • Link between mold, leaky brain, brain fog and energy
  • How to know if you have toxic mold
  • Strategies for detoxification

Brain Trauma and Brain Degeneration

  • Dr. Gorski’s brain recovery journey
  • Tools for brain regeneration
  • Strategies for overcoming brain trauma

Connection Between EMFs and Leaky Brain

  • Can EMFs cause leaky brain?
  • 3 step management protocol
  • Protect yourself from common sources of EMFs

Draining Your Brain

  • How liver detox helps your brain
  • Causes of gut and brain issues
  • Unique perspective on depression

Emotional Causes of Chronic Illness and Disease

  • Overcome pain, trauma and stress
  • Your body is the roadmap of your health story
  • Critical first step to brain and body recovery

Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression

  • Best go-to resources for essential oils
  • Solutions for anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Using EOs to heal your brain and body

Heart Disease and Leaky Brain

  • What is “leaky heart” and how it affects your brain
  • Overcoming the most common heart/brain conditions
  • Dr. Wolfson reveals who's actually running medical schools

Helping Children Avoid Mental Health Disorders

  • Optimal nutrition starts before the dinner table
  • 3 tech-time strategies for positive brain development
  • Improve confidence and success in the kitchen

Hidden Causes of Neurodegeneration

  • Most overlooked symptoms
  • Brain health is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach
  • Path to optimal brain health

Hormesis, Circadian Rhythm and Leaky Brain

  • Origin of all brain disorders
  • Key strategies to stop brain degeneration
  • How hormesis and circadian rhythm optimize brain function

Hormones: Hot Mess or Mental Illness?

  • What is the neuro-endocrine immune system?
  • Why estrogen is your brain's "bodyguard"
  • Genetics, mental health issues and brain degeneration

How Toxic Metals and EMFs Cause Leaky Brain

  • Impact of metals and EMFs on mental disorders
  • Why PRE-tox is more important than detoxing
  • “Cellular energy” is the key to successful detox

Investigative Journalist on Mental Health

  • Most common underlying causes
  • Foods that cause leaky brain
  • Eliminate toxins, infections and heal the blood-brain barrier

Leaky Combo: Genetic Flaws and Histamine Release

  • #1 reason why leaky brain and inflammation won’t heal
  • Genetic weaknesses that lead to leaky brain
  • Healthy foods that cause histamine reactions

Leveraging Your Genetics to Prevent Alzheimer's

  • What are your genes trying to tell you?
  • Lifestyle choices to prevent brain degeneration
  • Investing in your health now vs. paying later

Master Your Mindset to Optimize Brain Health

  • Impact of thoughts and emotions on brain chemistry
  • How the amygdala hijack influences your behavior
  • Strategies to remodel brain pathways

Maximize Brain Health, Minimize Leaky Brain

  • Early signs of neurodegeneration
  • Key steps missing from your doctor's assessment
  • Regenerative effects of stem cells, CBD and oxygen

Mental Fatigue and Mitochondria Connection

  • How your mitochondria impact brain healing
  • Threats to mitochondrial health
  • Restore your mitochondria and brain function

Systems Approach for Mental Disorders

  • Epigenetic storm that leads to leaky brain
  • Progression from brain fog to neurodegeneration
  • Prevent and reverse neurodegenerative disorders

The B.I.G. Idea with Brain Degeneration

  • Brain-immune-gut connection
  • Link to anxiety and depression
  • Roadmap to restoring your brain

The Blood Sugar-Dementia Gateway

  • Impact of blood sugar on brain disease
  • 5 key brain supplements
  • Common triggers to avoid

The Cytokine Storm: Leaky Brain Connection

  • Link between autoimmunity, cytokines and the brain
  • Autoimmune diseases associated with brain degeneration
  • Strategies for healing

The Food-Leaky Brain Connection

  • What is leaky brain?
  • Recommended labs to identify leaky brain
  • Strategies for reducing inflammation

Think and Grow Your Brain

  • How language controls your brain health and reality
  • Holistic perspective on brain and mental health
  • Choosing specific language frameworks

Toxic Food and Mental Health Connection

  • Do foods cause leaky brain and Alzheimer's?
  • Avoiding foods that cause damage
  • How a keto diet can help heal brain illnesses

Toxic Skin and Mental Health Connection

  • What you use on your skin affects brain health
  • Choosing the best skincare ingredients and products
  • Ingredients to avoid

Toxins and Leaky Brain Syndrome

  • How toxic lifestyle choices can lead to mental disorders
  • Little known toxins in your water
  • Detox your brain and restore the blood brain barrier

Complete Guide to Healing Leaky Brain

  • 6 primary causes of leaky brain
  • How long does it take to heal?
  • Most important strategy for sustainable brain health


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