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Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials (2018)

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In Zero Hour for Gen X, Matthew Hennessey calls on his generation, Generation X, to take a stand against tech-obsessed millennials, apathetic baby boomers, utopian Silicon Valley 'visionaries,' and the menace to top them all: the soft totalitarian conspiracy known as the Internet of Things.

Soon Gen Xers will be the only cohort of Americans who remember life as it was lived before the arrival of the Internet. They are, as Hennessey dubs them, 'the last adult generation,' the sole remaining link to a time when childhood was still a bit dangerous but produced adults who were naturally resilient. More than a decade into the social media revolution, the American public is waking up to the idea that the tech sector's intentions might not be as pure as advertised.

The mountains of money being made off our browsing habits and purchase histories are used to fund ever-more extravagant and utopian projects that, by their very natures, will corrode the foundations of free society, leaving us all helpless and digitally enslaved to an elite crew of ultra-sophisticated tech geniuses. But it's not too late to turn the tide. There's still time for Gen X to write its own future.

A spirited defense of free speech, eye contact, and the virtues of patience, Zero Hour for Gen X is a cultural history of the last 35 years, an analysis of the current social and historical moment, and a generational call to arms.


this seems like it would be best as an audiobook.

... after the dawn of this new religion of Plandemies i gave up... The morons now have weapons of mass destruction against any kind of rationality.

So we moved to a small town, made a well, wood stove and stock some ammunition.