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Futurescape (2013)

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Futurescape.1of6.I.Know.What.Youre.Thinking.1280x720.mkv 43m0s 1280x720 AVC AC-3
Futurescape.2of6.Robot.Revolution.1280x720.mkv 43m0s 1280x720 AVC AC-3
Futurescape.3of6.Cheating.Time.1280x720.mkv 42m59s 1280x720 AVC AC-3
Futurescape.4of6.Replacing.God.1280x720.mkv 42m59s 1280x720 AVC AC-3
Futurescape.5of6.Galactic.Pioneers.1280x720.mkv 43m0s 1280x720 AVC AC-3
Futurescape.6of6.How.To.Be.A.Superhuman.1280x720.mkv 43m0s 1280x720 AVC AC-3


  1. I Know What You're Thinking

    Scientists are making progress decoding how thoughts are processed, creating telepathy helmets, and reading people's minds.

  2. Robot Revolution

    Experiments have transformed machines into creatures with consciousness; elsewhere, scientists are enhancing humans with synthetic parts that work better than the real thing. The result: a not-too distant world where man and machine are indistinguishable.

  3. Cheating Time

    Advances in medical science are making aging, sickness, and potentially even death avoidable conditions.

  4. Replacing God

    Could God's long reign be in jeopardy? Advances are affording humans a power once reserved for only the Almighty--the ability to create life. But as we manipulate DNA and produce new species to our whim, will we find God's shoes too big to fill?

  5. Galactic Pioneers

    21st Century explorers have set sail on an age of discovery that eclipses anything dreamed of by Columbus. Advances in propulsion technology, warp drive, and solar energy have allowed us to do what only science fiction writers dreamed possible until now.

  6. How to Be a Superhuman

    Science stands at the brink of unlocking our primal instincts. Advancements in genetic engineering may soon free humans from the limitations that have linked us to the rest of the animal world. Pain, fear, uncertainty and fraily may be things of the past.