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Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? (2020)

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On August 10th, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, with conspiracy theories forming about the cause of death. Exclusive interviews and an in-depth investigation reveal new clues about his privileged life and controversial death.

1of3 Billionaire Predator:
Reclusive billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's early years are marked by a drive to amass wealth, power, and influential friends. But in 2005, his secrets are revealed when he's accused of the sexual assault of multiple underage girls.

2of3 The Inner Circle:
Jeffrey Epstein leverages his considerable power and influence to avoid serious repercussions from sexual assault charges in Florida. And the accused pedophile continues to add elites to his growing social circle, including royalty.

3of3 Suicide or Murder:
In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein is arrested for sex trafficking, and weeks later, he's found dying in his prison cell. When the official ruling of suicide is questioned, conspiracy theories take on new life. Was Jeffrey Epstein really murdered?


Is this a "limited hangout" mainstream doc or real?

It touches the third rail of American politics: Israel. It mentions Maxwell's father's connections to the Mossad, and goes as far as it can to tie Ghislaine to them. It mentions all the hidden cameras in his residences, and the mountains of video. Also how Epstein's fortune was a false front. It mentions his connections to plenty of Wall Street fraud too. Overall not bad for corporate media.