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Saving Rabbit is an intimate journey into the opioid crisis through the eyes of Peter, a.k.a. “Rabbit,” a 26-year-old addicted to opioids who is navigating the difficult path toward recovery.

Viewers first met Rabbit two years ago when he shared his story of living with homelessness and addiction in the CBC short documentary series Red Button. Rabbit struck a chord with Canadians and his video went viral, garnering more than a million views.

In Saving Rabbit, we delve deeper into Rabbit’s story and that of his father John as they both battle addiction and look for their own path to sobriety.

John uses fentanyl patches to treat decades of pain that resulted from a workplace accident. He is one of many Canadians suffering from addiction caused by what pain specialist Dr. Andrea Furlan says is a widespread overprescription of pain medication. In the documentary, Rabbit admits to stealing his father’s patches in the past due to his own addiction.

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‘His life is a constant battle for survival’: Meet ‘Rabbit,’ a fentanyl user in Toronto

Through the story of Rabbit and his family, we also explore the complicated, controversial argument of harm reduction vs. abstinence that continues to be debated at all levels of the community and within the halls of government while thousands continue to die.

Rabbit believes harm reduction is the best way to keep himself and other addicts alive. Meanwhile Julian, a young man who has been in recovery from opioid addiction for more than two years, believes that sober living is the answer. He’s now passionate about helping others follow an abstinence-based approach to sobriety and has opened a private sober living facilitiy where people in recovery can learn to rebuild their lives. Julian hopes his own example will encourage Rabbit to find the will to change his life before it’s too late.