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Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution (2011) [audiobook+ebook]

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A sharp-eyed exposé of the deadly politics, murderous plots, and cutthroat rivalries behind the first blood transfusions in seventeenth-century Europe

On a cold day in December 1667 the renegade physician Jean Denis transfused ten ounces of calf's blood into Antoine Mauroy, a madman. Several days and several transfusions later, Mauroy was dead and Denis was framed for murder.

A riveting and wide-reaching history, Blood Work shows how blood transfusion became swept up in personal vendettas, international intrigues, and the war between science and superstition. In a foreshadowing of today's stem cell and cloning debates, proponents saw transfusion as a long-awaited cure to deadly illnesses, while others worried that science was toying with forces of nature, perhaps even paving the way for monstrous hybrid creatures.

Taking us from the highest ranks of society to the lowest, Holly Tucker introduces us to an unforgettable cast of characters, all ruthless contenders in the battle over transfusion. Finally, in a feat of historical research, she reveals the true identities of Mauroy's murderers—and their motivations to kill.

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00. Prologue.mp3 29m30s
01. The Doctor and the Madman.mp3 28m13s
02. Circulation.mp3 27m16s
03. The Age of Vivisection.mp3 17m55s
04. Plague and Fire.mp3 33m21s
05. Philosophical Transactions.mp3 41m25s
06. Noble Ambitions.mp3 20m57s
07. ''How High Will He Not Climb''.mp3 32m37s
08. The King's Library.mp3 20m26s
09. The Philosopher's Stone.mp3 24m12s
10. The Blood of a Beast.mp3 18m1s
11. The Tower of London.mp3 40m24s
12. Bedlam.mp3 37m50s
13. Monsters and Marvels.mp3 21m16s
14. The Widow.mp3 19m43s
15. The Affair of the Poisons.mp3 37m27s
16. Chimeras.mp3 32m27s
17. Epilogue.mp3 10m21s
Total Duration 8h13m21s