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Vaccines on Trial: Truths and Consequences of Mandatory Shots (2017)

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Mandatory shots or freedom to choose? Mandatory vaccination is sweeping across North America, Europe, and Australia. Parental rights to informed consent before medical intervention of children is being revoked. Pediatricians assure us: adverse vaccine reactions are rare.

  1. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) disputes this assurance. “The CDC admits that the reported number of adverse effects of vaccines is probably only 10% of actual adverse effects.” - Fact Sheet on Mandatory Vaccinations, April 9/2009
  2. After examining many vaccine studies the U.S. Supreme Court ruled: “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and there shall be no more lawsuits against any vaccine company.” - Bruesewitz v. Wyeth 2011
  3. AAPS doesn't favor vaccine mandates. As stated in their Fact Sheet they “attempted to halt government or school districts from blanket vaccine mandates that violate parental Informed Consent.” Studies by leading healthcare scientists:
  4. Charts and graphs on increasing vaccines rank the U.S. 34th for infant mortality among first world nations.
  5. Scientific studies in the U.S, Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children show unvaccinated kids to be healthier than their vaccinated peers.
  6. The book, Critical Vaccine Studies, lists 400 case studies showing vaccinated kids have more health problems later in life. Vaccine Ingredients:
  7. The MMR vaccine has DNA material from chicken and cow embryos.
  8. MMR also has human DNA from aborted fetuses, listed as WI-38 by the CDC.
  9. Many vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde.

How many shots is too many? Before 1970, American kids were fully vaccinated with 2 shots. By 1986, it was 10 shots. Today, kids have to get 24 shots before the age of two. That's a shot/month of foreign DNA injected into a baby's developing body. It's unprecedented in human history. The Internet has transformed the landscape. Pro-vax parents became anti-vax when their kids suffered harmful side-effects.

The anti-vax movement began when outraged parents became warriors to protect children injured by adverse vaccine reactions. Today you can chat online with mothers of vaccine-injured kids, read books about toddlers harmed by vaccines, and watch films documenting how autism appears after vaccination, not before.

Vaccines on Trial examines the mandatory vaccine issue: Whether it’s more noble to suffer our fate, allow our children to be vaccinated against our will, and accept that there may be adverse reactions; or to stand strong, demand informed consent, stop forced vaccines for youngsters, and empower parents to make informed decisions to keep kids safe because every child's genetic makeup is unique.

Do benefits outweigh risks? Benefits don't harm children. So this book documents the vaccine risks they will face. Informed consent recognizes the democratic/parental right to avoid risky/unwanted medical intervention on our kids. Parents have a legal right to choose. They're not against vaccines, they're against the use of force. Mandatory vaccines is a far more complex issue than simple pro-vax and anti-vax labels that some people portray with petty black-and-white rhetoric.

This book examines vaccines from the medical perspective, legal perspective, scientific perspective, business perspective. ethical perspective, historical perspective, parent’s perspective, and the child’s perspective. Informed people don't cause strife between families with opposite views on vaccines. Look at the scientific studies referenced here to decide the issues for yourself. Every insight, insider tip, and jewel of wisdom is organized into a comprehensive guide. Learn lessons that may save years of heartbreak, and thousands on hospital bills.