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Bloody Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy (2nd Ed, 2010)

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Bloody Treason was first published in 1997. The author, Noel H. Twyman, received the JFK New Frontier Award for his work. The book is now out of print and considered a collector’s item selling for hundreds of dollars. It has been praised as the cornerstone book of the JFK assassination and as the best on the subject by Mary Ferrell, FBI Agent James Sibert, and numerous writers and teachers. It includes first-time interviews with critical witnesses and the most relevant documents released by the Assassination Records Review Board as authorized by Congress. It includes more than 160 photos and exhibits. The result is a major revision of history, one that will forever change our understanding of how and why John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The author takes us deep into the labyrinth of the JFK assassination plot and reveals the shocking tradecraft of covert political assassinations practiced by the U.S. government during the 1960s. He explains how these programs tragically backfired, resulting in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Bloody Treason advances the understanding of the JFK assassination to an entirely new level. The shocking revelation of corruption and betrayal in high places is without precedent in U.S. History.

After numerous requests from students and researchers for an electronic version of Bloody Treason, the author welcomes the opportunity to reach a new and larger audience through the magic of E-Books, and to correct some errors or omissions in the original edition, and to report major new work that has buttressed his original conclusions.

A new Appendix F discusses startling new evidence of involvement of CIA’s National Photo Interpretation Center with President Lyndon Johnson in the alteration of the Zapruder film. A new Appendix G discusses Douglas P. Horne’s new book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board.