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This Machine Kills Secrets (2012) [audiobook+ebook]

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01 Title, Prologue- The Megaleak.mp3 18m32s MPEG Audio
02 p1 Leaker Present, Leaker Past ch1 The Whistleblowers.mp3 1h30m MPEG Audio
03 p2 The Evolution of Leaking ch2 The Cryptographers.mp3 1h50m MPEG Audio
04 ch3 The Cypherpunks.mp3 1h39m MPEG Audio
05 ch4 The Onion Routers.mp3 1h26m MPEG Audio
06 p3 The Future of Leaking ch5 The Plumbers.mp3 2h13m MPEG Audio
07 ch6 The Globalizers.mp3 1h50m MPEG Audio
08 ch7 The Engineers.mp3 1h39m MPEG Audio
09 Conclusion- The Machine.mp3 19m34s MPEG Audio


At last, the first full account of the cypherpunks who aim to free the world’s institutional secrets, by Forbes journalist Andy Greenberg who has traced their shadowy history from the cryptography revolution of the 1970s to Wikileaks founding hacker Julian Assange, Anonymous, and beyond

WikiLeaks brought to light a new form of whistleblowing, using powerful cryptographic code to hide leakers’ identities while they spill the private data of government agencies and corporations. But that technology has been evolving for decades in the hands of hackers and radical activists, from the libertarian enclaves of Northern California to Berlin to the Balkans. And the secret-killing machine continues to evolve beyond WikiLeaks, as a movement of hacktivists aims to obliterate the world’s institutional secrecy.

This is the story of the code and the characters—idealists, anarchists, extremists—who are transforming the next generation’s notion of what activism can be.

With unrivaled access to such major players as Julian Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and WikiLeaks’ shadowy engineer known as the Architect, never before interviewed, reporter Andy Greenberg unveils the world of politically-motivated hackers—who they are and how they operate.