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CBC The Fifth Estate s44e11 (2019.02.17) Justice for Jassi; The Children of Sainte-Justine

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A young woman from B.C. was killed during a visit to India in 2000. Her mother and uncle allegedly planned it because she married a poor Indian rickshaw driver instead of the wealthy older Canadian they’d chosen for her. Now, 19 years after the murder, Jassi Sidhu's uncle and mother have finally been extradited to India to stand trial. Bob McKeown reports the latest twists and turns on the story he's investigated for years.


The children were sick with cancer and their parents knew there was little chance of survival. So when one of Canada’s leading hospitals offered what they believed was a glimmer of hope in the form of a study involving a combination of drugs never tried before on children, they jumped at it. But there were no miracles. And within a short time, Health Canada shut down the study, saying it threatened the safety and rights of the patients. What happened to the children of Sainte-Justine?