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The Fifth Estate s44e10 (2019.01.27) The Lone Wolf; Ghost Immigrants

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The Lone Wolf
It was characterized as a lone wolf incident — the so-called van attack in Toronto this spring. But was it really? Alek Minassian is accused of committing one of the largest mass killings in Canadian history... an attack he himself called part of the incel rebellion. It’s an abbreviation for the term “involuntary celibates.” Our story will look at what is fueling this online subculture which has proliferated in recent years.


Ghost Immigrants
It’s a small, relatively modest house in Calgary. Perfect for one family. So why was it listed as the place of residence of 60 people, all originally from China? The answer lies with Sunny Wang... an immigration consultant who orchestrated one of the largest immigrants scams in Canadian history. The twist in this tale isn’t that the people were trying to sneak into the country; it’s that they were sneaking out, pretending to be Canadian residents while having no intention of living here.