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Full Measure s04e20 (2019.01.20) Asbestos Hazard; Secretary Pompeo; Tet Offensive

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Here on Full Measure, we’ve already reported on potentially dangerous asbestos still being used in common products. Today, another asbestos hazard involving our military vets. It turns out the cancer-causing materials are being found in V-A centers exposing veterans, visitors, and on site workers. One whistleblower tells Sharyl what happened when he tried to expose it.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is facing busy times. Late this week.. he met with a top North Korean negotiator to discuss prospects of a second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. That came on the heels of a trip to the MidEast to shore up support with allies.. even as ISIS demonstrated, that they are still a threat.


51 years ago this month.. A battle began in Vietnam that would change the course of that war. The Vietnam war is still impacting many American veterans. Many have returned to the city of Hue, to revisit and remember, the most fierce battle of what became known as the Tet Offensive.