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Full Measure (2019.01.13) s04e19 Exiting Afghanistan; Race for AI; Pulse: Miami

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We begin with Afghanistan: our longest war in U.S. history. President Trump recently ordered thousands of US troops to be pulled back from Afghanistan and said he’s thinking about withdrawing entirely. The Afghan War has claimed the lives of thousands of US soldiers and wasted billions of our tax dollars. Our newest assessment comes from John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.


What would we find, if we could look into the future? Will we be living like the Jetsons.. served by machines? Or will we be trying to battle the machines.. like the Terminator? Today there's a new technology race that pits the US against both China and Russia. It’s the race for A.I... artificial intelligence... which many believe will define the century and maybe our survival. Lisa Fletcher reports.


As the winter cold of January sets in, we head for warmer ask people in South Beach, Miami what they think about the state of journalism. Joce Sterman found the assessment of the media...doesn’t match the climate.