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CBC The Fifth Estate s44e09 (2019.01.20) Dump Trump; A Brother's Story

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The end of Trump?
With a new Congress having taken office, the talk of impeachment in the air…and the Mueller inquiry closing in, Donald Trump’s days as POTUS may be numbered. Or are they?


The jail death of Soleiman Faqiri
Soleiman Faqiri was a troubled young man. He suffered from mental illness. Two years ago, he was arrested after an altercation with a neighbour and taken to a jail. 11 days later, he was dead. The cause was not known. His brother reached out to The Fifth Estate for help in finding out how Soleiman Faqiri died. Our investigation found that Faqiri died during an incident with some jail guards. His bruised and battered body a testament to his violent ending.