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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2019.01.02)

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On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson reacts to Senator-elect Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Trump. American’s discontent with politics. Then later, Tucker discusses documents that suggest the Steele dossier was a setup. Plus: Senator Elizabeth Warren announces 2020 presidential run.


Carlson's opening monologue is worth of a standing ovation IMO, taking on everything wrong about the USA and other countries around the world. If your impression of Carlson is he's a bow tie wearing, conservative boot licking little shit stain, you haven't been paying attention. Carlson woke up many years ago and he is pissed off.

Plenty of establishment news sites took aim at Carlson for what he said in this monologue. At this rate, sadly, Carlson won't have a job at Fox for much longer.