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The 2017 Sacred Plant Collection, 2nd - 22nd November 2017

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This series documents the extraordinary truth of how a single medicinal plant has been used for 5,000+ years to successfully prevent, treat and even beat cancer, multiple sclerosis, alzheimers, parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy and countless other devastating health conditions.

We interviewed 29 world-renowned doctors & health experts and 18 survivors who have extraordinary stories to tell about how they overcame disease by using this “sacred plant”. We all are part of the underground revolution in natural medicine that’s now sweeping across the globe as the era of censorship and oppression of plant based medicine is rapidly coming to an end.

If you or a loved one is looking to prevent, treat and even beat a life threatening disease, the astonishing truths revealed here will equip you with tools you need to make informed and empowered decisions about the health of you and your family.

And you will finally come to understand why the "powers that shouldn't be" have worked so hard to suppress the truth, criminalize natural medicine and prevent this story from being told.

Episode 1: The Sacred Plant...Revealed (November 2nd 2017)
+ Discover the name of The Sacred Plant as well as some background on it.
+ Meet the doctors who appear throughout the series.
+ Learn about a new system in the body that was only recently discovered and how it works together with The Sacred Plant.
+ Hear about "The War on The Sacred Plant" - how it started and how it has negatively affected millions of people.
+ Meet Amber, Kristin, and Patricia and hear their personal stories, including what they suffer from and how The Sacred Plant has helped them.

Episode 2: How It Fights Disease in Your Body (November 3rd 2017)
+ How the Endocannabinoid System works
+ All about something called “The Entourage Effect”
+ How The Sacred Plant works to alleviate headaches, migraines, and all sorts of chronic pain
+ Plus, you’ll meet Felicia, who was recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease; Elena, who suffers from severe nerve pain; and Kyle, a former NFL player who almost lost his life to opioid addiction.

Episode 3: How This One Plant Treats Multiple Diseases (November 4th 2017)
+ We'll travel to Israel and learn about the latest research on The Sacred Plant
+ See how one doctor changed his mind after fighting cannabis for years
+ Hear Emily's, Naama and Shirley’s shocking and inspiring stories
+ Discover how The Sacred Plant is being used to treat severe epilepsy
+ And you’ll hear the latest on Patricia’s cancer journey.

Episode 4: Treating Cancer (November 5th 2017)
+ The strange-but-exciting relationship between The Sacred Plant and cancer
+ Jill’s story about getting diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer (the same kind Steve Jobs had)
+ How cannabinoids affect cancer cells
+ The next chapter in Patricia’s fight against terminal lung cancer
+ And a whole lot more (especially stories from cancer patients)

Episode 5: Where to Find and Access The Sacred Plant (November 6th 2017)
+ Watch and learn as Jeff makes Sacred Plant oil
+ Check in with Jill and Patricia to see where they are in their fight against cancer
+ About laws that block access to The Sacred Plant
+ Meet new patients, including Diana and Sebastian, and we’ll hear about their quests for The Sacred Plant
+ About organizations helping people get access to The Sacred Plant

Episode 6: Reversing Aging, Increasing Memory & Dosing Tips (November 7th 2017)
+ How The Sacred Plant affects the aging brain
+ The effects of The Sacred Plant on inflammation and MS
+ The Sacred Plant dosing and delivery systems
+ Difference compounds found in The Sacred Plant and how they are different from each other
+ The next installment in Patricia’s fight against terminal lung cancer

Episode 7: What's Next & How It Impacts Us All (November 8th 2017)
+ A tour of The Sacred Plant Conference at Harvard Medical School
+ The discovery and explanation of a new compound in The Sacred Plant
+ New and promising areas of research on The Sacred Plant
+ The final chapters in Patricia and Jill’s stories
+ How we will create change together so The Sacred Plant is legal and available everywhere

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This webinar series will answer your most pressing questions and guide you through the entire process of using The Sacred Plant safely and effectively to prevent, treat and even beat most conditions.

+ Have unanswered questions about the Sacred Plant?
+ Are you unsure of what to do or how to use The Sacred Plant?
+ Are you concerned you might make the wrong decision in your prevention or treatment strategy?
+ Are you worried that making the wrong decision could have severe detrimental effects on those you love, or on your own life?

After watching these webinars you’ll walk away knowing more about The Sacred Plant than a vast majority of doctors do. If you or a loved one is looking to prevent, treat and even beat a life threatening disease, this eye-opening webinar series will help provide you with additional tools you need to make informed and empowered decisions about the health of you and your family.

Webinar 1: Understand The Basics - Common Terms & Uses (November 16th 2017)
The first webinar in this series dives deep into the important basics that you need to know, including all the common terms and uses of The Sacred Plant. This webinar sets a solid foundation for what you’re going to learn over the next 6 webinars.

Webinar 2: Learn the Current Laws - Don't Risk Your Freedom (November 17th 2017)
Is The Sacred Plant legal in your State or Country? Do you wonder how to navigate local laws, state laws, and national laws regarding the use of The Sacred Plant? Two expert attorneys joined us for this webinar to discuss various state, national, and international laws, and brought much-needed clarity to this confusing topic.

Webinar 3: What You Must Know - Common Lies & Misconceptions (November 18th 2017)
Do you want to know for sure if what you believe about The Sacred Plant is based on real evidence… or misconceptions that have been repeated by friends, family, and the media? This webinar explores the lies and misconceptions that still exist about The Sacred Plant due to lack of education and the repetition of rumors, misinformation, and propaganda.

Webinar 4: Proven Strategies - Not All Diseases Are Treated Equally (November 19th 2017)
Every disease is unique and every disease requires a unique approach. For example, Cancer and Alzheimer’s are very different diseases. Would you approach them same way? Would you use the same treatments for both diseases? No, of course not :-). This webinar looks at proven strategies for treating different diseases based on how advanced they are and many other factors.

Webinar 5: Quality Control - How to Tell the Good from the Bad (November 20th 2017)
Since The Sacred Plant industry is so new, it really is the Wild West out there. There’s little oversight when it comes to manufacturing processes and labeling requirements. This webinar digs into some of the ways you can sort out good medicines from bad ones.

Webinar 6: Be Empowered - How to Make Safe Choices When Choosing a Medicine (November 21st 2017)
This webinar focuses on empowering you to take back your health and make good decisions. At some point you’ll need to get medicines either for you or a loved one. So how do you do that safely? That’s what this webinar covers. Not only that, we talk about how to safely store medicines, how to make your own medicines, and more.

Webinar 7: New Cutting Edge Research - How It Will Impact You (November 22nd 2017)
As draconian 20th Century laws get rolled back, new research will unlock even more healing secrets that will help more people than we can imagine. That’s what we cover on this last webinar. It’s all about reexamining some of the key insights into The Sacred Plant, how it activates healing processes at the genetic level, and new applications that might be discovered in the near future.

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Forbidden health information which needs to be freely available - please share widely and seed generously!!!


This special twin-pack release is dedicated to the memory of the beautiful woman who appears throughout the series with her husband, the producer...

Hi, this is John Malanca.

This is a very difficult email for me to write, but I wanted you to hear it from me before we started the webinar series tomorrow night.

On October 19th, my best friend, my wife, my business partner, but most of all my soulmate, Corinne Malanca, passed away. Corinne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of June.

We continued to treat her with The Sacred Plant and many other healing treatments to help her fight this awful disease. But pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of any type of cancer, and the diagnosis simply came too late.

Corinne and I embarked on this mission together nearly 7 years ago when The Sacred Plant saved her father Stan’s life from stage 4 lung cancer, and METS to the brain. She was very passionate about our work and proud of all the lives changed and saved as a result of our collective efforts.

In her name, I will continue the work that she and I started together. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

John Malanca

Please consider showing your support for John and his family during this tragic time - an email, a prayer, a donation, or maybe even purchase a full copy of the summit (as always, all profits go toward John's next health documentary project).