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The 2018 Sacred Plant Season 2, 20th - 26th June 2018

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Season 2 demonstrates to all of us that the need and desire for The Sacred Plant’s healing and pain relieving powers are absolutely necessary - especially when traditional medicine, prescription drugs, and pharmaceuticals fail to treat patients who’ve tried everything and yet continue to suffer.

In these all new episodes, you’ll experience first hand countless successful case studies and stories of survivors. People just like you who’ve healed, beat, and even reversed chronic pain and crushing diseases.

You’ll also witness how the government and medical establishment use arcane laws and lies to block people in dire need of cannabis treatment from getting access - all for profit and greed. It’s despicable and together we can put a stop to it!

The broadcast schedule:

Episode 1: The Sacred Plant Examined - Season Premiere
Discover what makes cannabis such a powerful healing agent and learn about the dark history of its prohibition. Inspirational stories from multiple patients, including a family that snuck cannabis oil into the hospital for their 2-year-old son and how he beat cancer twice. (Wednesday, June 20th 2018)

Episode 2: Stopping Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety and Autoimmune Conditions
Discover how cannabis addresses multiple symptoms at once and helps patients get off of addictive and harmful pharmaceutical drugs. (Thursday, June 21st 2018)

Episode 3: Ending Suffering for Our Children - Autism, Seizures and More
Experience for yourself how these autistic and epileptic children have made miraculous improvements using cannabis...when years of taking prescription medication and traditional meds have failed them. (Friday, June 22nd 2018)

Episode 4: Treating Cancer - Part 2
In a continuation of where we left off in Episode 4 of Season 1, we’ll take you deep inside the cancer-cannabis connection with patient and doctor interviews. See for yourself how The Sacred Plant heals, treats, and even beats this dreaded disease. (Saturday, June 23rd 2018)

Episode 5: Accessing The Sacred Plant - The Unjust Laws and How To Navigate Them
We’ll show you how the cannabis is grown and processed for medical use and what you can do if you live in a state where cannabis isn’t yet legal. You’ll also meet patients and parents who fought for legal access and won. (Sunday, June 24th 2018)

Episode 6: Extending the Quality and Quantity of Life for Us and Our Beloved Pets
Discover how The Sacred Plant is used for wellness and prevention in seniors and for treating your pets. (Monday, June 25th 2018)

Episode 7: Treating PTSD + Selecting Your Medicine, Dosage and a Qualified Doctor
Experience how cannabis has helped veterans and trauma victims with PTSD and take a behind-the-scenes look into how to buy medicine at a dispensary, select the right dosing, and find a qualified cannabis doctor. (Tuesday, June 26th 2018)

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Critical health information - please share widely and seed generously!!!


This is the THIRD and latest instalment of John Malanca's Sacred Plant Collection. My original release from last year can be found here:

I think it's awesome that this guy was able to get together a whole new season of this with a treasure chest full of new and updated content so soon after the passing of his beloved soulmate Connie. So sad, and she was such a shining soul, who I am sure is still guiding him from the afterlife.

FWIW, I actually went ahead and bought the original series as my way of supporting this work. If you are thinking of working professionally in this field (or know somebody who already does) then please consider buying a copy too - it's a fantastic training resource and the packaging/booklets are top-notch.

Cheers m'dears!

Thank you very much!