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zoopenhoff: How to capture videos.

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zoopenhoff: How to capture videos.

Go to
and download extreme download manager (XDM). You can capture almost anything with this and it's free. As it captures videos it will convert them to whatever format you want ((i.e. MP4, etc.) You won't want to be without it.

interesting, thanks

I'll check it out. I use youtube-dl for some things, but it doesn't work on others.

It works if the URL is right.

youtube-dl works if the URL is right. Sometimes the URL for the video is buried in the page as it's loaded and has to be found by inspection using browser dev tools.

Excellent firefox addon for youtube-dl

Check this out:

This is a Firefox addon written in JavaScript which provides an easy way to keep track of URLs to playlists and subtitles used by Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming streams.

Also assembles readymade youtube-dl (recommended)/FFmpeg/Streamlink/hlsdl commands which (should) include all of the necessary cookies and headers.

It's worked well for me to download streaming content other addons/extensions can't. Just need youtube-dl with ffmpeg to pass the command to.

Oh nice

That’s exactly what I do manually anyway - use Developer Tools to figure out the youtube-dl or wget link.


XDM used to be good IMO, but a little intrusive. Since it hasn't been maintained since 2018.09.16 it fails to grab a lot of the videos which use newer schemes. One great advantage of youtube-dl is it can be set up to update itself automatically. I get an update ~ every week.

I use Youtube-DL GUI and used to use GTK-Youtube-Viewer-Gui

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Totally agree

with this also.

"online offliner"
Video DownloadHelper

I used it several times to download private videos from Vimeo. If you install it on any linux, the license is free.

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