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Zodiac & Swastika How Astrology Guided Hitler Germany (1973)

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Zodiac & Swastika How Astrology Guided Hitler Germany (1973) Zodiac and Swastika: How Astrology Guided Hitler's Germany by Wilhelm Wulff ISBN 978-0698105478 Wulff wrote this book to dispel allegations he was a sound Nazi working to further it's cause. He was freed from a concentration camp to become Himmler's personal astrologer and, in the author's words "I was anything but a free man... I worked under the constant threat of severe punishment should my calculations prove inaccurate." Wulff relates how he informed Himmler and other high-ranking Nazis about their horoscopes and, more importantly, on Adolph Hitler's. One of the strangest features of the National Socialist regime was that while it persecuted astrologers and murdered some of them in concentration camps, it saw no harm in employing them for its own purposes at the same time. The fate of Karl Ernst Krafft, the Swiss astrologer, provides a tragic example. He was a strange and gifted man, a pioneer in the application of statistics to astrological investigations, and something of a mystic. He more or less emigrated from Zurich to the Black Forest district in southern Germany in 1937, largely because he felt that his abilities were not appreciated in Switzerland. He had an uncritical admiration for the Nazis and hoped to make a career of some kind in Germany. When the war began in September, 1939, he was on the point of returning to Switzerland but then changed his mind and remained in Germany. He was already acquainted with a junior member of Himmler’s staff who worked in Section VII, which kept an eye on groups who were generally suspect as far as the Nazis were concerned: “fringe” religious sects, astrologers, occultists, former Freemasons, and so on. Section VII recruited him on a freelance basis during the autumn of 1939 and then during the first week of 1940 brought him to Berlin, at the request of Dr. Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry, to work on the prophecies of Michael Nostradamus, the famous sixteenth-century French seer. ebooks: Zodiac and Swastika - Wilhelm Wulff.pdf - 192p. Zodiac and Swastika - Wilhelm Wulff.epub audiobook: specs: Mac computer voice Tessa South Africa, MP3, 64kbps, 5hrs 17min 36sec tags: Nazi, Germany, Third Reich, astrology, occult, magick, Hitler, horoscope, esoteric, spiritual
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