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Zionists Killed WPC Fletcher, NOT Libyans

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Currently, the British establishment has been dredging up the WPC Fletcher story after 25 years in a cynical attempt to capitalise on the memory of her tragic killing in order to provide cover for their scandalous war crimes against Gaddafi and the Libyan people.

The truth, I believe, is quite different to what you might have been told.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but two key pieces of evidence leap out at me.

The first is the audio (from the video). Rip and slow the audio for yourself - and if you've experienced live fire I think you'll easily confirm that the bullets strike Fletcher BEFORE the retort of the rounds being fired.

Second, look closely at the autopsy detail.

Does the evidence support a shooter in the Libyan Embassy? That's the first question answered here. Then there's the question of who really did it, which is reflected in the title.

Note to detractors: Don't bother with the 'Vialls was a Mossad agent' strawman. Address the evidence, not the messenger.

Apologies if the formatting of the webpage is a bit off. I always meant to tidy it up but I never got around to it. Maybe someone else might like to use it to write a new updated article?