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Zionist Cointel Agent Alex Jones - Fatboy Pack

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Various clips from the Alex Jones show and some of his critics, where Alex reveals his true agenda.

In the clips you will here the Zionist shill say "Arabs own Hollywood" and then continue to imply that there is an Arab (Muslim) conspiracy at the top. You will here Alex Jones claim that talking about Zionism won't do any good, then he trails off and changes the subject. You will also here the very infamous "fuck you" comment that Alex makes to Mike Delaney of Alex pretends not to know who Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein are. (Freedman's famous speech on the evils of Zionism are well known to most well read individuals on the subject as well as Jack Bernstein's two books exposing Zionism...two former Jews who exposed Jewish terrorism)

There is one vital clip for the Alex Jones show. The one where Alex says that Israel could not carry out the 911 attacks.

"Folks, Israel couldn't carry out the attacks"

Then, Alex Jones' Zionist handlers occasionally give him some "damning" information against Israel so as to make him appear like he is not gate-keeping for the Jews. The "damning" information is so mild that it is not damning at all, but then his supporters get all excited and claim that Alex Jones does expose Israel and then they get angry at those who say Alex is covering up for Zionists.

Alex's mild "exposure" of Israel mixed in with his non-stop talk of Nazis, Hitler, Germanic Death Cults, and anti-semitism, certainly does not lead his followers to identify Jews as the real culprits but just confuses them and leads them down a dead end with nothing but ghosts and nameless boogeymen as the culprits behind the NWO.

Another red flag is that anytime anyone asks the Jewish Question he claims that his detractors also support the David Icke Lizard and Reptilian people theories. He is trying to categorize those who believe in a Zionist conspiracy with whacked out crazy undocumented theories.