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ZERO FREQUENCY - Radio Shows (2010) w/ Mabel (The Easest Way)

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I'm sharing these two radio shows (June & Aug 2010) with Mabel Katz as the best intro to Zero Frequency (aka- Ho'oponopono):

Mabel w/ Kandi Phillips at - Aug. 2, 2010

Mabel w/ Shanda Sumpter on HeartCore (inspiring love & heart mastery radio) - June 6, 2010

What is Zero Frequency? -
Zero Frequency ™ is the Perfect frequency, no static or bad connections. No memories, no programming, no judgments, no opinions, no struggles, no fears, just pure inspiration. Tuning in is being at one with Inspiration the Universe and at peace with the world around you.
At Zero you discover your true identity, knowing your true identity is the key to finding your paradise. Your true identity hears, sees and feels clearly because it is at one with the goodness of the universe, it is in the flow.
At Zero you will no longer live, look or react through your tainted smoke screen (memories.) The need to always be right and have the last word no longer exists in you. You will finally free yourself from YOURSELF and let go and let the Universe.
At Zero you find the courage to follow your passion, ask the right questions, let go of negative programming, trust in yourself, live in faith, and walk with gratitude.
Instead of living in the present we live in the past through our memories (our tainted smoke screens.) If we learn to let go of them and get back to our pure state of being, we will reach Zero.

At Zero is where the real magic happens!

Mabel Katz is author of "The Easiest Way" (Ho'oponopono), also here at:

Zero Frequency videos: