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Zero Days - Security Leaks For Sale

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Zero Days
Security Leaks For Sale

A documentary film about Internet security, cybercrime, and cyber-espionage.
There is new gold to be found on the internet, and possibly in your own computer.
Secret backdoors, that do not have a digital lock yet, are being traded at astronomical amounts.

In the cyber world trade, where there are no rules, you are in luck with "white-hat" hackers, who guard your online security.
But their opponents, the "black-hat" hackers, have an interest in an unsecure internet, and sell security leaks to the highest bidder.
They are the preferred suppliers of security services and cyber defence. Who are these black and white wizards, who fight for the holy grail of hackers: zero days?

Director Hans Busstra

Format : MPEG-4 at 1 554 Kbps
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Aspect : 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 25.000 fps
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