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Zen Meditation - Volition Thought House

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Zen Meditation: Volition Thought House

It's widely known that self-guided meditation takes years of commitment, discipline and practice to truly master. For many, successfully locking in to this very special brain state is next to impossible. With ZenMeditate, you now have advanced audio technology that will whisk you into the meditative zone.

ZenMeditate will help you achieve a level of deep meditation in just a few sessions, that for most requires years of commited practice. In fact, studies have shown that this can produce meditative states that are as deep as, or deeper than those experienced by individuals with comprehensive training.

This powerful audio CD will help you...
* Experience State Zero
* Unload stress, anxiety & strain
* Relax to the max
* Turn up your internal power centres
* Improve self belief and fire up your chi
* Become more proactive (reactivity’s for losers)
* Improve your leadership attributes
* Become a more patient, assertive and steady person
* Meditate more deeply than ever before
* Combat Attention Difficulties