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Running Time: 1hr 50min

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This is my remix edit of the two Zeitgeist movies. Included are (in this order):

  • Federal Reserve part from "Zeitgeist"
  • 9/11 part from "Zeitgeist"
  • Economic Hitman part from "Zeitgeist Addendum"
  • NAU, Russo's discussion about talking to Nick Rockefeller, national biometric ID cards, RFID, One World Gov't part from "Zeitgeist"
  • New Solutions part
  • Redone end credits to match what is in the Remix

    Left out:

  • Attacks on christianity (and I am not a christian, nor am I religious at all, thus I left 1 or 2 small references from other parts about religion being a tool of control, which I think is obvious to varying degrees depending upon the person).
  • The Venus Project and the delusional stuff around that
  • The further delving into monetary policy from "Zeitgeist Addendum", not really needed with what is already included from the first "Zeitgeist" movie.

    If you like it, great. If not, then you still have the original releases.

    I know I could have done better, but this was my first try with doing something like this.

    The 672 MB DivX version is HERE.